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While casting for players in a low light drama, photography rewards with definitive frames that can steal the spotlight.

Sunset field scene

Samburu NP, Kenya 2004

Mountain & Foothills scene

Spirit of Baltimore, Lake Charlevoix, MI 2010

Foggy Farm scene

Glacier NP, MT 2005

Purple aster in goldenrod, 2009

Purple aster in goldenrod, 2009

TJ Kayak

Mother with 11 day old wolf pup, 2012

Mountain & Clouds

Yosemite Natl. Park 2008

Canada Geese Pair

Canada geese, Apple Valley, MN, 2012

Dog in Creek

Scout, Jordan River, MI  2012

Flowers and Brushes

Dad's still life, Asiatic lilly 2001

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